Friday, September 4, 2009

DIY Wedding Bouqets

So, I'm a little behind on my posts, being a little busy planning a wedding and all. But I had to post these photos of our bouquet tests from a few weeks ago. The dahlias of my dreams were no longer in season, and my poor babies I planted haven't even blossomed yet. But I think I made due just fine with this selection of burgundy carnations, roses, and asters. Lovely!

Putting the bouquets together wasn't as difficult as we expected either. We just had to clean all of the leaves and thorns off, grab a few center flowers at the top of the neck and keep twisting as we added more flowers below. I'm pretty pleased!

Chef Applause

Kudos to Chef Thomas Schultz at the Iron Horse! The chef for our wedding reception just was awarded 3 and 1/2 stars from the Journal Sentinel dining critic Carol Deptolla. We have had the pleasure of having Chef Schultz's cusine at both Branded, and at Smyth the restaurant at the Iron Horse. You can read the review here.

Photo Credit: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Benny Sieu

Friday, July 3, 2009

A $13,700 Wedding

Well, I might have blown my budget a bit, but after taking another look at our expected expenses and some places I was able to save a few bucks... we've successfully gotten the wedding down to $13,700 (without the rehearsal dinner). I'm pretty pleased!

Plans are really rolling now. I've had my first dress fitting, which was awesome. Except for the whole fainting part. Ladies, don't lock your knees for a half hour! We met with our third, and hopefully final, event manager at The Iron Horse. Dianne seems great, and we have faith that she won't leave us high and dry like Cheyne did (she quit without notice, and with no call to us).

I also met with my friend Paul, who is so graciously showing me how to purchase wholesale flowers. There's not much we can do now, being that what is in season now may not necessarily be in season come September, but he gave me some ball park pricing, and we're going to save a fortune doing them ourselves. I've already got some really cute vases from Dollar General (classy, I know) for $40. And did a little test with Peonies for the effect I'm going for. Simple and sweet (and easy). It took me about 3 minutes to put this vase together, let's hope the DIY Bouquets go as well!

Speaking of DIY: I've also made both of my veils! One for the ceremony and one for the reception. Check a sneak peek (no peeking Mark!) here. The first was only $30 and the second for only $7. Thanks Joann's!

Monday, June 15, 2009

DIY Wedding Flowers

After much thought, we've decided to design and put together our own flowers. I have a source for wholesale blooms, and think we're on the right track. So far, my main inspiration has been the pom pon dahlia I posted earlier. Here is a little bit of inspiration from all over the web. Of course the colors will match our red and celery, but these arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres are just what I'm looking to do.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Four Months

So... Not that we're panicked, but Mark and I just realized that it's almost four months until the big day. We still have a ton to do. But the big things are pretty much set. Whew! Here's the list...

5/12/2009 Do: Make and Order Invites (Check time, phone number, no. needed)
5/12/2009 Research: Train Schedule
5/14/2009 Do: Tasting
5/15/2009 Decision: Choose Tuxes
5/15/2009 Decision: Florist or DIY?
5/15/2009 Decision: PA or DJ, find quote from Selective Sound
5/15/2009 Do: Meet with wedding planner
6/1/2009 Do: Book Rehearsal Dinner: Working on Quote from Ginger
6/12/2009 Do: Mail Invites/Print Envelopes
6/15/2009 Confirm: Flower Girl Dresses
6/15/2009 Do: Register
6/30/2009 Confirm: Photography with Francis
6/30/2009 Confirm: Video by Steve and Evan
7/1/2009 Decision: Decorating Everything (Aisle Runner?)
7/12/2009 Do: Cake Design
7/12/2009 Do: Order Pies
7/15/2009 Buy: Candles for ceremony
7/15/2009 Buy: Flower Girl baskets
7/15/2009 Buy: Wedding Band
7/15/2009 Decision: Songs for first dance, processional/recessional, Wedding Party dance
7/15/2009 Do: Plan Ceremony
7/15/2009 Buy: Champagne Flutes
8/1/2009 Buy: Bridal Party and Parent Gifts
8/1/2009 Confirm: Lighting Choices
8/1/2009 Decision: Tent Set Up (what goes where)
8/1/2009 Do: Make Playlist
8/12/2009 Confirm: Sound Equipment or DJ
8/12/2009 Do: Get Marriage License
8/12/2009 Do: Make Programs
9/5/2009 Confirm: Heaters, side walls, for tent.
9/12/2009 Get Married.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Flower Girls and Goomsmen

Time to start thinking about the rest of the bridal party. Let's start with the cute contingency, the flower girls, my two nieces, Caitlin (7) and Claire (1.5). Right now I'm entertaining the idea of putting them in matching dresses, but different colors. I've found some sleek (god, can you call a little girl's dress sleek?) flower girl dresses. By sleek, I guess I mean sans gaudy flowers, pearls, ribbon roses, and rhinestones. Whew, glad that even exists! They come in white, and red (pictured here with rose, I would get it with a red sash). I just can't decided if I should do matching white dresses, or put the baby in bright red. Part of me thinks it could be just completely adorable, but the other is leaning towards tacky. What do you think? Weigh in! A or B?

For the groomsmen, nothing says prom like red vests and ties, so I'm definitely leaning away from that look for the boys. I love the idea of making our secondary color celadon. It's a nice light blue/green. And if you know me, you know it's my favorite color. I'm kind of obsessed. Some call it Silversage, (you know who you are!). So, until further approval from the groom, this is what I'm thinking for the gents.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paper Balloon Lanterns

Just found these awesome hand made paper lanterns from Popbaroque. They're made from paper balloons, like the ones we all made as kids. Hers are made with magazine pages, but I am thinking of making some from paper printed with the pattern of the wallpaper at the Iron Horse.